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Dr. Doede


Why Am I A Doctor?

My passion first sparked with a fascination of the human body, the way it is intricately designed, and the ability it has to heal.  The more I learned, the more I realized I liked to teach, and later realized the Latin origin for the word doctor is docere, or "to teach".  It is a basic responsibility of a doctor to teach about the human body, mind, and spirit.  As an osteopath, these are the basic tenets of the osteopathic philosophy, that a "patient" or person, is not only body, but rather an individual comprised of all three facets.  We are based on the premise of treating the whole patient, and not just the symptom or the disease.

What Have I Learned?

Most of what I have learned has been beyond medical school.  I am a human being who is a woman, a daughter, a sister, and a mother, who happens to have followed a path to become a physician.  I have experienced birth, death, joy, pain, peace, and stress, just like everyone else.  What I have learned through all of that is that we are here for a specific purpose, to experience life, and that we have been given a gift.  At any given moment our lives cross and relationships are formed.  Even though I am still going through my own experience in ways that continually allow me to grow and to be pliable, I want to be able to help you experience your life to your fullest.  

How Does This Work?

I have always been a little different, and willing to stand out from the crowd.  I do not feel like a "typical" doctor practicing "typical" or conventional medicine.  What I really hope for is to get to know you, build a relationship and partnership with you, and help you take steps to be the healthiest and happiest you possible.  I want to help you get to the root causes of those problems you may be having, and build a plan with you to make lifestyle changes that are personal to you so that you may actually enjoy living each moment.  

I Am Still Learning

This type of "medicine" is not what I was taught in medical school or residency, and I have chosen to learn these things on my own.  I am currently and continually training in lifestyle prescriptions and root cause resolution expertise.  For this reason, am focusing patient care for now on only Wellness visits, along with some specialty visits as listed in services.  I appreciate your patience with me in my quest to be better equipped to help you in yours.

The "Healing Experience"

My hope and dream for Ka'u is to offer Ka'u Wellness and Healing Experience, to provide that which can be beyond the classic medical care model.  This, too, is a work in progress, and if you are interested in being a part of this and would like to join the mailing list for it to be updated on progress and give feedback, please click below.  

Healing and miracles are not only possible but also available to us all.


Mary Wilson, FNP-C


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