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We're here for you and your health

Welcome to Ka'u Wellness. We put your family’s health and well being first. We are continually growing, and are excited to provide options for you.  We take insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid/State, Commercial, and Military.  Dr. Doede also accepts Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance.  We are also trying to stay ahead of the healthcare curve and are wanting to create alternative payment models, as deductibles rise and services become more difficult to obtain.   

In addition to Wellness Care, routine visits, and same-day appointments for established care patients, we also provide Well-Child Visits (we are not fully equipped to do the State Vaccines-For-Children program and therefore do not have vaccines on site), consultations for vaccine informed consent, DOT/PUC (Department of Transportation/Public Utilities Commission) Physicals,  and Medical Marijuana Certifications (the last two are non-insurance visits).

We also host a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist here on site in Ocean View.

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